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The most widely used & programming language & and & its programming advantages

The most widely used & programming language & and & its programming advantages

PHP programming, Java programming and Dot Net programming are three languages ​​which are widely used in today’s web programming as well as in the software programming arena. This article explains the reasons for its wide use and advantages in terms of its application features and procedures.

Today, clients around the world are demanding cost-effective solutions along with fast high-performance development. In the recent internet marketing arena, designing good website templates and placing unique and relevant content is not enough for a profitable web business. Web programming gets more value when it comes to building flexible web sites. Web programmers are skilled in multiple programming platforms and satisfy clients with their expertise.

In the recent web industry as well as in the software industry, there are three types of programming platforms which have become well known for their great resources, security and easy availability in the market and they are the PHP platform, the dot net platform and the java platform. These three programming platforms have their respective advantages in accordance with their working procedures.

Java programming advantages

1. As a programming language, Java is a safe, multi-threaded, distributed, high-performance, object-oriented, powerful, dynamic, and portable language.
2. Java applets are platform independent and used for web programming.
3. Mobile applications created by Java are fully compatible with any mobile operating system. In software development this is denoted as the main feature of the Java mobile application.
4. Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Remote method invocation (RMI) is a globally accepted architecture for distributed systems.
5. Struts, CORBA, Hibernate, DAO are widely accepted Java architectures that fully support internationalization (i18n) for enterprise applications.
6. In Java programming (http://www.getaprogrammer.com.au/), we can use all types of databases (paid or not) according to client needs, namely to select databases, the Java programming language does not load anything.
7. We all know that Java is an open source programming language and is easily available in the market without any difficulties.

Advantages of Dot Net programming

1. In the Dot Net program the programming code and HTML are in separate files.
2. Dot Net frame work is very much used to perform certain applications.
3. Automatic garbage collection is possible in Dot Net programming.
4. Dot Net uses safe cast type and powerful and powerful IDE for better and faster application development.
5. Because it is a consistent programming model, it has direct support for security, in short Dot Net is a very secure programming language.
6. Dot Net provides an attribute called Serialization which is used to publish or produce an item in the form of a series of information bits.
7. It is language independent, so if the team has multiple skill sets such as C #, Dot Net, C ++, the developer can still work on the same project with a different skill set.
8. MS technology provides RAD (fast application development) to complete projects faster, because customers always prefer faster delivery.
9. Debugging Dot Net is very easy because of that, it can fix bugs more quickly.

Advantages of PHP programming

1. This programming language is accepted by maximum web programmers for its open source features.
2. PHP is a server-side programming language that is widely used for web programming.
3. The PHP language is similar to C and C ++ programming. The PHP syntax is very similar to the syntax of C and C ++ that, a PHP programmer (http://www.getaprogrammer.com.au/) can easily learn it and make use of it in their respective jobs.
4. The PHP programming language can run on Windows and UNIX servers.
5. My-SQL is a well-known online database and can be linked very well with PHP. Therefore, PHP and My-SQL is an excellent combination for small business owners.
6. The PHP language has a powerful output buffering technique which further improves the output flow.
7. PHP can be used with a large number of relational database management systems, running on all the most popular web servers.
8. PHP5 is a dynamic , platform independent and fully object-oriented language that helps build large and complex web applications.

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