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ASP.Net Programming Basics vs PHP Programming

ASP.Net Programming Basics vs PHP Programming

This is actually a big unwanted debate between PHP and ASP.NET, the battle continues between the proponents of these two programming languages, with no clear conclusion. Both of these programming languages ​​can be used to develop the same type of project, the only difference is cost, platform independence, security, etc.

Hyper-text-pre-processor (PHP) and Active-server-pages (ASP) are two standard programming languages ​​for website application development and more importantly when it comes to generating database-based websites to closely interconnect with databases. PHP is an open source programming language that comes from many different languages. On the other hand, ASP is the kind of programming language that Microsoft prefers.

Both PHP and ASP programming languages ​​are used to develop dynamic database oriented web sites. Active Server Pages (ASP) are usually from Microsoft and are only used with an Internet Information Server (IIS) that also runs on Microsoft Server. But on the other hand, you could say that PHP is a platform independent programming language and can be connected to several kinds of databases.

There are many differences between ASP and PHP.


To run an ASP.net program you must first install IIS on a Windows server platform, this is not a free package. PHP programs can run on Linux, which is a free package. Even database connectivity is expensive for ASP, as it requires an MS-SQL product from Microsoft to be acquired. On the other hand, PHP generally uses MySQL for database connectivity, which can be accessed freely.

Simplicity in coding

PHP code itself is very light weight, a contract programmer who started his career as PHP, did not feel any pressure to look at the source code to understand it. Whereas in ASP code it is not so easy to understand quickly.

Database Compatibility

PHP is generally very flexible because it uses MySQL for database connectivity, which can be accessed freely. On the other hand, database compatibility is expensive for ASP, as it requires an MS-SQL product from Microsoft to be acquired.

General Run Time

If we evaluate the running speed of PHP and ASP then PHP should have the upper hand. It is usually seen that PHP code runs much faster than ASP code. Due to the COM based architecture, ASP uses server space to run while PHP code runs on its own built-in memory space.

Background Language Support

ASP has a similar type of syntax like Visual Basic which is linked to Microsoft products as well. On the other hand, PHP code is generally based on the C ++ language and the syntax, which is used in PHP, is very similar to the C / C ++ syntax. C / C ++ is still considered by maximum software programmers to be the best programming language and people who love C ++ language will definitely feel more relaxed about the PHP syntax.

Running Platform Connectivity

PHP code can run on different platforms like UNIX, Solaris, Linux, and Windows whereas ASP code is mostly related to Windows platform. In fact, the ASP program can run on the Linux platform with the help of ASP-Apache installed on the server.

Further Tool Costs

Some of the tools used in PHP are mostly free of cost on the market and since PHP is open source a lot of code can be available on open source forums and blogs. PHP has built-in attributes like ftp, encryption method, even e-mail from web pages but in ASP such attributes cannot be obtained and for this reason only a few more features are needed which are not free which increases the total cost as well.

 Greater Application Support

PHP is just as protected as ASP from the coding level. The main difference is only for personal data such as “social security numbers”; “PIN number” etc. ASP is a more practical choice. Organizations like government companies usually don’t have a lot of commercial budgets set and looking for the necessary security they can be of great help to ASP.net.

In the end, we can conclude that both programming languages ​​have advantages and disadvantages specific to user needs. It can be said that the two programming languages ​​have their respective importance depending on the needs and budget of the user. It’s considered that on every discussion board, ASP.net has the same capabilities but many of them recommend PHP for their small business owners who are on a fixed budget and don’t need overwhelming security support. PHP cannot provide e-commerce application development , only for them ASP.net will be the best choice.

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